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Ray Ban Frames Online"It's hard for broadcast journalists to wrap their head around it because they like long, wide establishing shots and getting into a story like that. I think it trains us to be better journalists because the top line has to tell the story. We are competing for audience. What makes a scooter truly classic is style. It's all about looks and nothing looks better than a classic scooter. When we think of classic today we often associate it with retro. For us, the tour is winding down, with some people going home in a matter of days, which I look at with a degree of envy, since I will be here for another month. However, once six months have passed, one more is trivial, and in any case, there is nothing I can do about my departure date but accept it and take the few more dollars of danger pay that are not usually available in Canada. The other guys now joke that I'm becoming part of a majority, and admittedly, it is fun to be able to quote a movie line in English and have people understand the joke. Pegah Ahangarani makes also documentary films. Her latest work was "Dehnamkiha" that depicts Massoud Dehnamaki life, a conservative activist and one of the founders of Ansar e Hezbollah who also granted the opportunity to make movies. She described the background of Masoud Dehnamakii and how he had Ahmadinejad support despite he himself denied and claimed that nobody supported him. The Voices from the Crossroads event series at the Morrin Centre began in January with the hugely popular 18th century comic opera Rosina. An appearance by Commissioner of Official Languages and former Quebec resident Graham Fraser will round out the series in December. For the Literary and Historical Society, four centuries of Quebec history means four centuries of talent to showcase.. And we chat about beer with Travor Adams, editor of Halifax Magazine and beer enthusiast. He argues that climate change is actually a really easy problem to solve but that we waste 75% of the energy we use. MacLean's columnist Scott Gilmore joins us to complain about complainers. Finally we decided that Annie would just come over and I would throw together a simple little meal for the three of us. With the temperature outside in the 90's, whatever it was I made needed to be light. No beans, rice or meat. DNA Day was created to raise awareness about DNA and the impact genetics has on our world. It also commemorates James Watson and Francis Crick discovery of the double helix in April 1953, and the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003. This year marks the sixth year DNA Day has been celebrated in Canada..

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